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  • Model Village, Lytchett Minster

    You will see over 2,000 shrubs & conifers setting off our models, many treated with 'Coarse Bonsai' to ensure they provide the perfect setting and backdrop. Many of the models have their own miniature gardens, planted for resilience to surviving our 80,000+ visitors a year.
  • Lulworth Castle and Park, Lulworth

    Lulworth is most famous for its Cove, a natural horseshoe-shaped harbour. Nearby, the Lulworth Estate also has much to offer. Whether you're here for a day, a week or longer, there are attractions to visit, places to stay, stunning walks on the coast and in the countryside, hospitality (private & corporate) and an annual programme of events.
  • Corfe Castle, Corfe Castle

    One of Britain's most majestic ruins, the castle controlled the gateway through the Purbeck Hills and has been an important stronghold since the time of William the Conqueror. Defended during the Civil War by the prudent and virtuous Lady Bankes, the castle fell to treachery from within, and was substantially destroyed afterwards by the...